Frolicking at the pool


 Several of my homeschool mama friends and I are getting together to bring our children swimming 2 Friday mornings a month during the rainy season. Looks like I will finally have to buy a swimsuit that fits.
Aside from trying to find a suit that doesn't look like Grandma Moses wore it, I do want something that is fairly modest with a skirt or shorts. I refuse to pay $80 for one I like. SwimModest, which is vigorously promoted by LoveToLearn, is very expensive. Not only that but, I bought a boy's swim top from them last year and had the worst customer service!

Another problem I have is that I am "tall". I need a long torso suit or I am (ahem!) "flossing". Not enough going north to south, ya' know!
I have decided on a black skirt with tummy control and bought it on Ebay. Now I must continue the hunt for either a longer tankini top or a one piece that I can put the skirt on over.
Does anyone else hate swimsuit shopping?