New meaning to evergreen

If you own a faux Christmas tree...

you never need to:

oooh la la!
-go out to search for the perfect tree
-argue about the right tree
-pay WAY too much for a tree
-find out that it is full of bugs, as usual
-try to strap it to your car (and scratch the roof)
-stuff it through the front door
-try to get it to stand straight and find it's best side
-get the lights "hidden" in the tree
-water it every day
-vacuum needles
-risk a fire if you accidentally leave the lights on
-dispose of the tree

Now don't you wish you had one?
It only takes my family 45 minutes to pull out our pre-lit tree and put it together and fluff it up. YES!!!
Then we can decorate it.
When we are done we put it in a box and hide it in the garage, not a landfill!
How cool is that!!!

NOW you can ENJOY a stress free Christmas every year! Go get a fake tree!