The Great Purge... De-Crappification 2013: Part 4

I inventoried my deep freezer with my sweet husband's help.

We had to organize it and purging food that had gone bad in order to make an inventory sheet. It was a good day for my chickens. They got some yummy freezer burned food.

My inventory is a low tech list system where on graph paper I have the item named and then under it I have used a highlighter to fill in the number of squares of that item I have in stock. As an item gets used out of the freezer, I draw a line through a highlighted square under the appropriate item. It's easy to add new squares to with a highlighter pen if I buy more. Adding new squares is easy at least for a while and then I will need to make a new sheet. It does not have to look beautiful. Now a clipboard sits on my freezer with boxes to check off as I use something out of it. It's working so far.

Every time you open your freezer, you lose all that wonderful frozen air you paid for. It costs you money.

It also adds moisture to the inside of your freezer which then freezes and brings you closer to needing to defrost. I hate defrosting my freezer.

If I could "see" what I have in my freezer without opening it and digging around, my hands would be warmer, deciding what to cook would be easier, I'd waste less energy and I probably would not over stock my freezer anymore.

I am going to make a genuine concerted effort to keep up this new inventory system. It makes sense.