The Great Purge... De-Crappification 2013: Part 1 (Parts 1 - 6)

Here it is. 
My honest, open, nitty gritty journey chronicled here on my blog for all to see.
I touched on it a bit in the last post, where I ranted about crappyness, clutter, time wasters, new techy gadgets and Facebook. Where I urged all of you out there in the world to also say, "Enough is enough!" 

I don't want a minimalist lifestyle or some new agey zen or feng shui jazz going on. That stuff is not from the Lord.  I want less. Less stuff, less mess, less belongings.
If my life is full of busyness, too much activity, too much belongings, too much drama... then I am not genuinely free to serve the Lord and I am too self concerned. If I am honest with myself then I know that to be true.

Did I already freak you out? 

Then I gotta tell you this: 
When you are purging, you do a lot of thinking. You think about why you have held this stuff and how much money and time has been wasted on it. You think about a lot of things.

Today I am decluttering and purging again. I think I am doing it every day except Sunday. It is nice to have only 1/4 of the toys we had a couple months ago and to have less crap in general. When I have ditched a lot of stuff out of a drawer or cabinet, I have taken the extra time to wipe it down with cleaner. That extra step is not really decluttering and minimizing my belongings, but it felt good to have it done. No one “saw” the mess ...or sees that it is now clean... but it looks clean to me because I know I just cleaned it. Hah! Kinda funny. 

I have been trying this last 2 years to get a hold of my clutter problem and I literally have a spotless house compared to what I used to have-- but I know what normal standards are and I still have a long way to go. One of the big motivators for me is that whatever our future home on a farm will be, it is sure to be a whole lot smaller than we have now. Probably without a garage to stuff things into also. The other big motivator is that I keep hearing over and over that less stuff means less stress and less cleaning and more of the "appearance" of clean. I seriously would like that instead of freaking out all the time that my house is a disaster. 

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