Many years ago, my husband and I were really contending for financial breakthrough. Things were so bad that I often considered not eating for the week so everyone else could eat. I never had to though- God provided as He always says He will. ("I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor begging of bread")
But you know-- I fasted all the time during that time period. It was about a year and a half. I was not fasting to make sure my family could eat- I fasted because I saw increase every time I did. Increase in financial steps, a new job for my husband, unusual favor with God & man, a better car for my husband (his was reallllly bad) and new spiritual revelations and spiritual progress. We also had all kinds of amazing sowing we were doing. Crazy sowing.
I would just have the Lord put fasting on my heart and I would just start right then. I would not know how long I would be fasting for, but I would just jump in. Sometimes just a 24 hour fast but often I went 3 days and sometimes longer.
It is strange to say it-- but I loved fasting.
Have you ever read Mahesh Chavda's book on the Power of Praying & Fasting? It is really good and will get you excited to fast. You will want to start right away... even before you finish the book. The key, he says, is to pray AND fast. Just like Jesus said "this kind goes out only by prayer and fasting". I keep that "key" in front of me all the time while I am fasting because I often would forget to keep praying while I was fasting!!

I love food. Don't get me wrong. And it is extremely tough cooking for your family while you are fasting. But I get so much JOY and know I am getting victory when I fast! It is like your prayers are magnified.

Anyway... maybe that will encourage someone.

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