I never understood why people had such a beef with Monday. Cartoon-like images swirl my memory of some old wrinkly lady in curlers and robe, cigarette hanging from her lip, scraggly slippers and a cup of coffee in hand. What was their problem? Pull yourself together, why don't ya'? Well, that was my opinion until I had been homeschooling for a few years... when my son got to be about 6yrs old. Mondays are tough and long this last year and a half.

By now, I would call myself a seasoned Monday Hater. A closet curler infested, robe wearing, foot draggin' mama.

We have more chores on Monday to follow up after "no chore on Sunday" and it seems my son goes sloooooowwwwweerrrrrrr.
Yep. It aggravates me. Makes me cranky. Gotta work on that. A lot.
Clearly my son is going to me to teach me patience on a whole 'nother level before he becomes a man. Love that guy. A typical first day back to school means we don't get to the school part of our day until 9:30am. Or even 10am. Today was a 10-er. Yeesh.

Feelin' grouchy this morning? I'll listen! Join the club! :)