Courageous Boyhood

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Scripture is clear, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Boys need vision. We humbly offer this catalog to you and the All-American boys in your family in the sincere hope that, together, we can rebuild a culture of courageous boyhood.

Courageous Boyhood is...


Vision and Honor “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The same is true of boys. Without a vision for manhood, boys will perish. But true vision is cultivated by honor. The courageous boy longs to honor his father and his mother and to not just succeed, but to succeed his godly parents.

Faith and Fortitude The first principle of courageous Christian boyhood is faith. True courage is an outgrowth of confidence in the sovereign will of God, the reflection of an abiding faith in Christ. The spirit of courageous boyhood is alive in the boy who perseveres through the many challenges of life.

Dominion and Scholarship The courageous boy is on a mission from God to take dominion over the earth. This is why he loves to learn, to investigate, to master disciplines, and to search out the mysteries of creation. His basic textbook for life is the Holy Scriptures.

Loyalty and Patriotism Behind the courage of a truly faithful boy is a gratefulness for his family, his nation, and for the tender mercies of God in his life, motivating him to demonstrate an unflinching loyalty. Therefore, he has the heart of a son and the spirit of a patriot.

Virtue and Duty It takes courage to be a virtuous boy in an impure world. But the truly courageous boy is steadfast in his commitment to remain pure in body, mind, and spirit. He will not be governed by undisciplined passions, or swayed by dangerous peer influence, and learns to stand alone and unmovable in his convictions.

Adventure and Evangelism The courageous boy is one who longs for the thrill of adventure and eschews the life of ease and sloth. This desire is not a pagan quest for self-glory, but is in pursuit of a higher cause ? the advancement of the Gospel and Kingdom of Jesus Christ.