Nine weeks off the mark and counting


I still have not started up homeschooling this fall. I usually start us up on the last week of August.

I am not beating myself up about starting school late, just having some guilt that comes up here and there. I *do* know that enjoying the baby (3 weeks old) and the season we are in is so important. But on the other hand I know we slacked a LOT last year with all the horrible things that kept stacking up for our family.
I see my daughter starting highschool next year as possibly being not prepared as well as I had hoped- but in the end, I also know that God is truly in control and will prepare her for everything she will be doing in her education and in her future life. What peace that brings to me!

It is the end result- the goal, the big picture- I need to keep looking at. I often forget!!
My tiny ones only stay little for such a short time. I want to treasure that. My other children's education and my attention to them is also important. How tricky to balance!
Of course, I am only human and far from having it all together.