Planning Curriculum- Praying, Researching, Choosing

I start looking and researching in February for my children's curricula, usually. Praying all year round on and off. I had a real wake up call on what my 10 year old son needs for education when I went to the last support group meeting and heard about right brain-left brain learning (Diane Craft was the speaker). I was pretty skeptical and did not plan on really listening, know what I mean? However, after 10 minutes or so there was this little part that grabbed my attention and I was amazed and I wished I had been really listening the whole entire time. I went home and read the handouts and KNEW the Lord was trying to show me a key. I have been praying for years for my son. It is a struggle. He is not learning disabled. He is left brained and my oldest & I are right brained learners and thinkers. My whole method MUST change if I want my son to succeed. Which, of course, I do!!! This is a major breakthrough for us.

That brings me to say, that my son will begin using more textbook style education now. This is a method I do -not- like and have done my best to stay away from... because - I - am right brained. And my preference works great for my 15 year old, so it is hard to see that all my efforts to research the coolest subjects and materials has been somewhat in vain in regard to my son. He likes them, they just aren't the best fit, you know? I am so glad to find this out now instead of when we are beginning highschool with him. (And to add to that, last week we planned out for him through high school to graduate at a certain level of math and science instead of going the traditional plan.)

Then with my highschooler, she is 15, that is another blog post altogether, because praying, planning, researching and choosing for highschool is very specific and involved.

It's all a process. Hopefully, as parents, we are teachable and will bend an ear toward what the Lord wants for our children, which is more important than what we want for them. He loves them even more than we do and knows the plans He has for them!