Knowing my children


My sister and I went to public school as soon as we were of age, of course. We started our day leaving toward school with barely brushed hair and dressed in nonmatching clothes. Only going to "school" really meant daycare for single moms and their kids.
First off... we ate breakfast there. (Yes, breakfast.) We Mom goes to workhad school, we ate lunch there and more school. After school, we went back to the cafeteria and spent the next 2-3 hours in afterschool care. Back then it was called "Latch Key". Our entire summers were spent there, as well.

When Mom picked us up, we went home where my mother spent the little time she did have: making us dinner, cleaning, laundry, and putting us to bed.
We did not know her. I only have a few memories of my mother from when I was a girl. They are mostly of her driving us to school or washing dishes. How many more kids came out of the 70's like that?
I am here with my children all day every day. We are making memories to last a lifetime. We learn more about the love of God every day. What a gift the Lord has given me.