Dirt, stink, mosquitos and stars


A local homeschool group that I am actively involved in, will be going on a group camping trip marshmallows for breakfast.... only while camping!next week. This is the second year for the event. I took my children last time and we had a great time despite the mosquitos and wayward dogs. The tricky part of the whole thing is that there is no flushing toilets, sinks, showers or elctricity of any kind AND the trip is for a whole week. Ummmm yeah. That's a long time for messy dirty kids not getting baths. It is also a long time without being able to properly wash dishes.

A recent discovery for me is that I cannot handle outhouse type toilets during this pregnancy. I actually get violently ill. ?? Normally I am not an easily grossed out girl. So, I am not really clear on how I will be managing my frequent preggo potty trips next week.

Something I do know- REPEL Permanone Clothing & Gear spray works. I bought a couple cans last year at Walmart for $5 each. Two cans is enough to treat your clothes, hats, sweatshirts and coats for four people. If properly treated ahead of time, these clothes will keep mosquitos and ticks away without spraying your skin with chemicals! Where was this cool stuff when I was growing up?

Anyway, I am looking forward to camping. My husband will not be able to take off work to join us, but we will still have a good time none-the-less. Camping seems to be the only time I get to read anything. Or seriously relax. Now what book should I bring.... choices choices.