Applications being accepted to the H0MEFree Fan Club

I have a little acceptance speech prepared around here somewhere... now where did I put that?
Oh it doesn't matter... I'll just shoot from the hip here. Can you hear me in the back?

I won the Random Blogger Award this week.
Thanks Tia of HSBCompanyBlog for the hat tipping! Much love to you!

It is probably the only time being random is a good thing!

As we speak, a special song is being written in my honor...

and a statue of my head has already been placed in front of The Old Schoolhouse company building. I preferred it to be made of marble, but I was told it was going to be alabaster instead. Oh well, what can you do?

I'll probably be the top story on the news tonight. Make sure you tape it!


Seriously though, thanks HSBCompanyBlog and Tia Linschied, Senior Editor!!


Confession of a homeschool mama



We homeschool all year in my family. Summers are less "intense".
A friend of mine homeschools her two children and takes part of the summer "off" from school. She recently admitted that she was not sure what has happened with her time she should have had during this long awaited hiatus!
The problem: Homeschooling mamas are usually multi-tasking.
They are not sitting down with their children during school. Instead, they are doing dishes, checking email, reading magazines, straightening the house, folding laundry or whatever.
If you drop one one thing on your multi-task list, you just replace it with another.
These are the facts.
Homeschool moms do not like to admit it.
Here I am!! Over here! I am admitting it! I confess I multi-task during school, too!