5yr old school evangelists... How many do you know?


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Should Christian's leave their children in public school to be a light to non-believers?

This is a tough question and one you may have to face while home schooling. We (HomeschoolInformation.com) asked some home educators to respond.

Their answers follow:

I do not think a young child should be sent to public school as a witness. I do think that public school has an anti-Christian agenda that can damage a young child's faith. I have known a number of children that believe evolution over creation because "the teacher said it is true." In our home we discuss quite a bit about evolution and by the time we are done, I expect my children will understand evolution and why it is wrong as well as good, scientific reasons to believe creation That is just one example.

I think that being a witness is something that needs to be modeled for children. Ministry is something for a family to share and for the children to participate with the parents. When people tell me that young children should be in public school so they can be a 'witness' and a 'light', I ask them where they want their children to attend Sunday School.

Everyone wants their children at their own, local church.

I ask why don't you send them to the Mormon church instead of your Baptist church?

Or the Hindu church school instead of the Presbyterian?

It is easy to see that a young child would have no voice to be a 'light' in those circumstances. But it can be hard to get parents to understand that it is just as difficult to be a 'light' against some of the public school teachings.

There may be room for a child to 'be a witness' during out of class time (recess, lunch, etc.) but there is just as great a chance, if not greater, that the child will be influenced negatively by the other children. Let's be real, children are more often pulled down to the lowest common denominator behavior wise than influenced for good.

(Marci in Suisun, CA)

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