Cliff diving without a net

Trust Jesus

"Did you hear from God?" or "I need a sign to confirm this."


I think this can be a crutch we lean on.

Waiting and waiting to hear from God. Or all the other things we use as some form of a "fleece". It is often our flesh trying to find a back door out of something. Kind of an escape clause.


I hate to use the term "err on the side of caution" because we should not be operating in fear, but that is what comes to mind when I think about this sort of thing. If God says to do something we often just stand there and wait for more confirmation. We should be moving instead. 

Often I hear from people "I don't want to go if God isn't going, just like Moses said!" It can be good to do this, but often it is a cop out.

Like if you always wanted to heal people and are praying for the gift, you should be praying healing over people at every opportunity- not waiting for some bolt of glory to come out of the sky and the Lord's loud voice saying "My child go and heal My people and I will give you favor wherever you go!" Or the Lord may be waiting to open up that job wherever or put you in that ministry thing you desire, but He is waiting for –you- to start the thing in some way. It often takes our step of faith first. Are we ashamed to be loopy for Jesus?


Why don't we just do it?

I am guilty, too. I find myself waiting for God sometimes when I already know.

Fact is, He has usually already given the green light and the ways & means.