Ahhhh, camping in the rain!

I have camped IN THE RAIN and MUD many many times here in Oregon. (groan) I grew up here camping in the rain- and making midnight trips to the outhouse, through the mud, in my jammies. Black plastic awnings so you can play cards at the picnic table. We had to dig a ditch around our tent to keep the rain from pooling under it! It may sound like I am exaggerating, but this is all true.

Last year my husband and I decided that, after using someone's camper trailer, a camper was going to make camping more a reality. I have a personal goal every year to camp at least twice and that is hard for me to do around my husband's schedule and with 3 kids and tent stuff. (Give me a break!) Now I am pregnant, just to add another short person to the mix! That makes six of us.

We just bought a camper trailer. (yippee!) Now I can take all my children camping with, or without, my husband. We will be dry! And quite safe, too. This is really free-ing for me. I feel like I just won some big prize!

I am not talking about TVs, satellite, cable, spa tub, loud music. Just something that you can lock at night, have prepacked with all the crud, and dry when it rains.

Camping! The way it should be!

Here is what ours looks like!

These can be bought for 20% off the msrp, but they start off really inexpensive, so that is good for everyone! Especially when you factor in how much your vacations cost you. See different models here: Jayco.