The way it used to be

In 21st century America, we do not know how to "wait".

We all know that we want faster food, faster internet, faster shipping, premade this and premade that, etc.

You have heard people drone on and on about it. "Sonny, you don't know how it used to be! Nowadays ya' got all these fandangled things like computers! Never touched one, meself! Kids these days!"

I like things faster, too, but think a bit about this...

Women used to beat carpets outside, heat water over a fire to bathe, hand wash ALL the laundry, hand wash diapers, hang clothes out to dry, home birth (cool!), sew clothes and linens, knit, bake everything, walk or take a wagon and rarely had any pain medication. Imagine your monthly cycle with no modern conveniences. Could you do all that in a corset and seven layers of clothing?

Men plowed fields with a horse or ox, hand harvested, build everything with hand tools, chopped wood for warmth and cooking, and did all business and math on paper with ink. In their spare time they fought off bad men, bad indians, wild animals and they hunted for food.


Makes me wonder what we do with all our extra time we now have. Everyone says how busy they are. (?)