Toe paradise


As a gift from our mother, my sister and I went to get pedicures yesterday. Isn't your mom supposed to get a Mother's Day treat - not the other way around? We do give her cards and a small gift, but she always gives us one, too. "To honor the good moms that you are", she says. I am glad she thinks I am a good mother. Aside from serving the Lord and being the best wife I can be, it is my highest endeavor.

Back to the pedicure... it sure was nice. I had never had one before. I have given myself pedicures every once in a while. I have had massages, a facial, and sevral manicures, but alas, no pedicure. The chair we each sat in had back massage-y rollers in it and the spa footie tub had cool stuff in the water. We sat and chatted as we soaked and teased. Soon we each had an attendant (pedicurist?) scrubbing and primping our feet. It was fun to spend 30-40 minutes just with my sister getting a little pampering. By the way, my toes sure look cute. It will be sandals for me for the next few weeks!