Stumbling in full view

Each morning you wake up and through a series of events you have completed another day. Life, as they say, happens. Well, things may indeed happen, but it is how we respond that dictates success. We can choose to be proactive, passive or negative. If we value the Lord’s direction for our lives, then we will ideally react to ‘life’ with a godly attitude.


I failed a test from God the other day at the grocery store with a very rude busy-body. I did not react in the full measure I wanted to, but I DID react- instead of smiling sweetly and going on my way as I normally would. I was not responding to life’s happenings in a godly way. I did not praise God for the opportunity to show this woman the Lord’s love. Frankly, I was caught off guard. Apparently, this was a pop-quiz. My children, always in tow, saw it all. The good thing is I used it to teach my children. I told them that I was very angry and everything in me wanted to “express myself” that woman, but that would not be very Christian and I used some self control, however late in the game it was.


I certainly failed my test. No doubt. My children saw real life happen to their normally unflappable mama and she screwed up. They heard me confess my sin. I could see their minds recording this day. The day mom let it all get the best of her. The day that their mother had to really struggle to use self control. When mom slipped and did not keep her cool quick enough.


What an opportunity to change a failure into victory. No matter how badly I do, with God’s help I can succeed in my own life and consequently in my children’s lives, as well. I am sure to make more mistakes. Next time, I pray, I will use my defeat again to make godly winners out of my children. Hopefully next time I will put the brakes on faster!