No Bible, no breakfast?


Bible reading is very important.

Okay, yes you knew that already.
But did you stop to figure out how much homeschoolers depend on their curriculum of choice to "get the Bible into" their children? Do you? I did.
I'd venture that 95% of curricula out there does -not- have enough of either Bible reading or Bible study to really impact a child for life.

A few years ago, I began a new routine for us. Summed up as "No bible reading- no breakfast". Each child must read for 15 minutes by timer. If they do not read, they don't eat. They always read- and I only had a couple balking issues at the beginning.
They read wherever they want in the bible but are not allowed to skip around during their 15 minutes. They can change places tomorrow but not during a current session.


When we began, my son was 4 at the time and learning phonics. He obviously could not read a regular bible. I had a comic book type bible, "Picture Bible" I think it was called, laying around the house. He "read" that for his time. As he became more proficient at phonics and blending, he would try reading the words that were there. So we moved him up to an NIRV (3rd grade level translation). My daughter was older and read her regular bible.

Because they have read for over three years at 15 minutes a day...they have a LOT of bible in them. Recently I read statistics that only 18% of Christians read their Bible every day and worse- a mere 35% read it once a week (probably during church).

I did the math earlier and reading 15 minutes a day and even skipping two weeks a year...  means they each have read at least 260 hours!
Wow! Imagine what that total will be by the time they leave home!

Consider starting a rigorous plan in your home.