Stop! Don't eat that! -- What foods are the worst for pesticides? The Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen InfographicIf you are trying to feed your family better... more healthy, more whole food, less bad fat, less GMOs, less pesticides and so on, then you will appreciate this new info-graphic that has been released.

There is a lot of information here but they have attempted to make it easy for all of us to scan quickly.

For me, I always knew that grapes were "naughty" so I never buy them. Like never ever. Washing them would be impossible. Which is sad because I absolutely adore them. So do my children. I also knew apples had junk on them, but I figured washing them was good enough.
Now I am rethinking that.
Just washing them is not going to do it. These chemicals are IN THE FOOD. Part of it's make up. 

I don't want to fly off in a paranoid frenzy, that's just not me.

However, now I know even more how important my garden is and that I need to ensure that these foods need to be grown myself. 
This is for my family.
It's my job to make sure what they eat is safe and healthy.
If I can't afford to buy it, that's no excuse because I could always grow it... whether in a garden plot, backyard or in containers.

Do you know that 25 strawberry plants are only $15-$25? If you buy the "everbearing" type then you will have strawberries all spring, summer and through fall. Surely you'd have paid yourself back many times. Plus they grow most anywhere and come back every year!! They even send runners so you can propagate more plants or give them to your friends or a family in need. Maybe you can post them on Craigslist for free or for a few bucks? Just don't throw them away. Buy them from a smaller company like Territorial Seed, if you can. Their strawberries are $17.50 for 25.
Tomato plant starts are $2.50-$4 for a 6 pack. Folks, tomatoes are $2-$3 a pound in the store for un-organic. You can do the math yourself to see you are a winner no matter how many tomatoes you get off just one plant. There is no beating homegrown tomatoes.

In any case, you can see that you can make a difference. EVERYONE can grow SOMETHING. The Lord made it easy for us. In today's world there is a lot of free info on the net and youtube videos on every kind of growing method or plant variety.

Your family deserves it.

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