Frolicking at the pool


 Several of my homeschool mama friends and I are getting together to bring our children swimming 2 Friday mornings a month during the rainy season. Looks like I will finally have to buy a swimsuit that fits.
Aside from trying to find a suit that doesn't look like Grandma Moses wore it, I do want something that is fairly modest with a skirt or shorts. I refuse to pay $80 for one I like. SwimModest, which is vigorously promoted by LoveToLearn, is very expensive. Not only that but, I bought a boy's swim top from them last year and had the worst customer service!

Another problem I have is that I am "tall". I need a long torso suit or I am (ahem!) "flossing". Not enough going north to south, ya' know!
I have decided on a black skirt with tummy control and bought it on Ebay. Now I must continue the hunt for either a longer tankini top or a one piece that I can put the skirt on over.
Does anyone else hate swimsuit shopping?


  1. Oh, how I hate shopping for a swimsuit. It is so hard to find one that has enough chest support, but doesn't look like something that my grandmother wears. I finally spent $50 for one instead of trying the $12 Wal-Mart suit again. I have lost weight since then, and the top still fits fine. But when we went to the beach the other day, my bottoms were down to my knees. Fortunately the water was deep enough that nobody could see.

  2. Hi. Yes, it's me - the long lost blogger. I just skimmed through your posts of the last few months. hope everythng is going great for you. I posted an update on my blog - the first of many posts to come in the next few weeks. hope you can stop by!


  3. Sorry, but all of us short people over here get our swim suits from swimmodest! ;-) You might want to try Wholesome swimwear if you don't swim much... some of our friends really like them, but they're hard to swim in. has some good ones, but you will need to wear 'underwear' on the top and bottom because this doesn't have the nice modest lining that the swimmodest does. However, I have one of these suits and I really like it (just not as much as the swimmodest!) :-)

    Ok, have a great day! :-)