Founding fathers in the bible?

Last Sunday on the way back from church, all five of us sort of drifted off into silence and inward thoughts. After a few minutes my son asked my husband, and I, a question...

7yro son:  "What's a Virginian?"
Me:    "A Virginian? Where from? From our history?"
7yro son:  "No, from the Bible."
Me:    "There are no Virginians in the Bible!"
(after a moment, light goes on in mama's head. Ohhhhh, virginian!)
Me:    "You mean virgin. That is someone who has not had lovin' like from their husband or wife, yet. A Virginian is someone from Virginia, like George Washington and I think Thomas Jefferson."

Husband:   "Or something from Virginia."
7yro son:   (unconvinced that there are no Virginians in scripture, he stares out van window)

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