Flies in my soup


September and the first part of October flew by for me. Usually I am more on my game and have things in some kind of groove by the end of September. Not this year. But I was making the best of it.

Then our family got hit with one thing after another from the enemy. An example: my parked van was hit and run at Walmart. (Praise God for security cameras.) This thing and that thing really added up and normally I can bounce right back. I was really beginning to lose heart. Seriously... lose heart.

Now I have a real serious case of bad things happening to good people. Last week we were served papers from my exhusband from 12 years ago. He is a horrible deceptive manipulative and lying man. Very very bad man. He is lying in these legal papers, of course. He is biofather to my sweet near 13yr old girl. She knows what he is and wants nothing to do with him. In the meantime, my husband and I are so burdened by it all. I feel as if a dark cloud has moved over us. Real despair. Even when you know that God is in control, it is still a hard place to be. We will protect her with the last breath in our bodies. I dread telling her what is going on as it will genuinely devastate her.

I realize that this is not in my usual vein of blogging. But LIFE happens.

Would you find it in your heart to pray for my family to have complete victory over my exhusband's attacks and that we will have abundant finances to keep a good lawyer paid? Even further... that my ex would give up his "rights" and my sweet godly husband will finally be able to adopt our girl and make her dreams come true. Thank you and blessings on those who pray.