Now it all can make sense


Spam for all the good little spamish kids out there!

Hold onto your socks!

Now Spam fans can get their fix in single serve 3oz packets in Classic or Lite versions! (LOL!)

The package of Spam Single Classic reads along the tear-to-open-here line: "This dotted line is like a freeway, the freeway to a delicious explosion in your mouth."

Spam Lite Single packet: "It's time to enjoy. Take another bite and throw your head back and think wonderful thoughts of faraway places while you chew. Like a magical Spam Lite castle in the sky ..."

What more do we need? Toss away those Twinkies and Easy Cheeses. Now your world is complete. Order has been restored to the universe!

David Burn answers the questions that are first and foremost on everyone's mind that is giddy with delight and quivering with excitement...

Q. Where can I keep my SPAM Singles when I'm not eating them?

A. There is no right answer here. SPAM Singles are like snowflakes, and each will have it's own special place in our hearts. Try a bookshelf, or in your pocket, or behind the TV, or even under your pillow. If you are not sure, stare intently at your SPAM Single. Eventually, through positive mind actualization properties, you will know where to put it.

Q. I didn't know that SPAM came in single slices. What should I do now?

A. Remain calm. That's the most important thing. Secondly, use the power of your brain and imagine how your life will be changed. Go easy at first, because this is a delicate matter that could easily blow your mind. If you need to relax, make a sandwich. A SPAM sandwich!