Who's responsible


I have children ages 13 to toddler and one on the way.

In our home, we call chores RESPONSIBILITIES.

We all have a part of this family and we have responsibilities that keep the family home working.

Our "chores", as people call them, DO NOT ROTATE. They are that person's responsibility.

As they get older and can take on more responsibility, they get harder jobs and maybe more of them depending on the tasks. We do not have the arguments associated with switching all the time- nor the complication of charts and figuring this and that out.

We do not pay our children for doing what they are responsible for. Sometimes they have opportunities to earn money by doing a special job, especially if they ask.
Another thing to note. Attitude is key.

We find that this works well for us. Everyone knows what is expected and it flows. Nobody needs to ask who forgot to unload the dishes, change out towels or whatever. We all know.