New hope

Every year come February I start to get antsy. The weather is still very rainy, the ground is still very mushy and muddy, and the trees have no leaves yet. I begin to pine away for spring time flowers and green leaves. I want to see the sunshine and at the same time I know how much we need (and love) the rain.

For me, the spring brings a new year of plans and hope for the future. I dream of better things to happen. Like my spiritual life to get even deeper with the Lord. My husband to be better rewarded in his career and to be blessed with great favor with God. My children to be really motivated to go all out for God. And for our homeschooling to finally meet my ‘unknown picture of ideal’. This unknown picture is an undefined shape I can barely make out from a place deep in my mind and heart. It is the map toward the goal of training up my children in the way they should go from Point A to Point B. The Lord, in His wisdom, has not revealed the step by step path, for my husband and I, to accomplish this monumental task.


By March I am revving up. My hopes and dreams for the new year are seeming more like a reality. The feeling that I am just around the corner from a break through in my personal walk begins to seep in. Signs start showing that my husband will finally be catapulted, via the Lord, into a new arena of blessing in his career and his spirit.

For school I am already scouring my catalogs and the internet for reviews, good deals, and hoping for a blessed new era of learning and growing in God. Most importantly, I begin fine tuning the voice of God who guides me to make the choices.