Black Friday... insanity or a blessing?

Did you go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving this year?

I did.

Every year it is a tradition to get up at a terrible hour and go wait in the rain and freeze our bottoms off at 4:30am to shop. My husband goes with me now. This was his third year. My mother, sister and I staple the ads together and mark them appropriately according to DoorBuster deals and time of store opening. Then we wear crazy hats and gear up for a crazy morning that does not end until about noon. It is fun in a psychotic way. We be silly while waiting in line and have been known to sing and dance- much to the surprise of the others waiting there, too.

The way we look at it: if you are not having fun, you should not be there!

(Sadly, there are always many people who do not wait in line and rush the door entrance to cut line as soon as the doors are unlocked. Shameful. Last year I saw a woman do that with her teenage daughter at Kohl's. I am not sure what kind of daughter she thinks she is raising with that as an example.)
      After we hit the first store we drive to the next one which should be opening soon. Oh my goodness... the earliest openings of stores have been 5am, but this year we had two stores decide that 4am was the new time. What? Not cool. Now that meant we were up by 3am and in line by 3:30am.

Okay- you don't need to tell me that I am out of my mind. I already know that. I saved a ton of money. Now that is not crazy!