Faire weather



It's homeschool faire season again.

I love it. Being encouraged, getting equipped, renewing vision, seeing new curricula products, fellowshipping, helping new homeschoolers, and getting deals!


Last week we had our local homeschool faire. We had a used sale on one side of the building and new vendors on the other. Nineteen vendors. Okay, some of you may laugh. You may say "Hey, I need a compass just to find the bathroom at our fair". So, in comparison you may not see the significance of some small homeschool group holding this event.


To start- we live in the most unchurched state. On top of that, we are the most liberal and unchurched area of our state. (Remind me again, why I live here??) Making a stand here for Christ and homeschooling is a bright light met with squinty eyes and accusatory fingers. Homeschooling Christians in the Willamette Valley are homeschooling through the fire.


Our homeschool group is conservative. Our mission is to encourage homeschoolers, reach the lost, turn the hearts of the fathers to their children & the hearts of the children to their fathers. Kind of a melting pot of Vision Forum, Mantle Ministries and Keeprs Of Faith... for lack of a better adjective right now.
I am on the group's board and these women are very dedicated to serving the Lord, their husbands and children, and finally their community. They live their lives on their knees. It is a high honor to serve along side them. A few years ago we had to make some hard decisions to be inclusive or not because of which direction we may decide to take to reach the area. We decided to not be inclusive and start getting very specific about direction. No compromises of our faith. Standing firm. Well, God has really blessed that move and opened some fantastic doors! (He is goooooood and His mercy endures.)