Taking a hit

The strongest we can be as Christians is when we fully understand who we are in Christ Jesus and what we can accomplish in Him. However, even when we are completely secure in our knowledge of who we are in Christ, we still occasionally trip and have a difficult time getting back up. The confidence we have has been marred but not altogether lost. We struggle to remember our identity when we stumble and feel weak. Depressed. It seems the longer it takes for us to return to that full standing position is dependent on many factors.
-Our own faith may have taken a hit. Even those who have been tested many times and had our faith stretched and grown until we are very strong can stumble a step or two backward when a heavy hit lands squarely.
-Physical/chemical imbalances in our system. Many suffer occasional or constant battles with an overabundance or lack of integral chemicals in our body. The brain especially. The answer, sometimes elusive, could be a simple vitamin-mineral or amino acid supplement, exercise, or blood sugar correction.
-Outside negative influences. Constantly being inundated with the unkind or poisonous behavior of others is difficult to keep guard against if it is a family member or coworker. We may even open ourselves to negativity by the media we listen to or watch or the company we keep.
-General neglect to protect ourselves from the fiery darts of our enemy. We should put on our spiritual armor. We should be praying for protection.

Our own heart, thought life and prayer life go hand in hand with our personal relationship with the Lord. When we have made a choice, consciously or not, to withhold one of these areas from Him who created us then we are setting ourselves up for an attack or outright infestation of enemy.
What can we do to get back on top? It is simple really- but can be a very difficult door to open. We must humble ourselves and ask the Lord to show us where we need Him right now in our life. He is waiting for us with the answers. He wants to guide us step by step, He wants to show us. Then in our place of humility we can hear the answer and see the path. This is where we can finally stand up victorious again and return to our knowledge of who we are in Christ.