Grace & truth


I really appreciate companies that make a stand for what is good and edifying according to the Lord's definition. Vision Forum, Mantle Ministries and Hope Chest Legacy are some of the companies that I admire.

Today I wanted to share with you Grace & Truth Books. I have so valued them that I have emailed them about it. Often they will reprint older titles or buy out titles that are disappearing and should be made available to the God fearing homeschool public. Promoting godly character, purity and honor are their goals.

At Grace & Truth Books, their focus is:

To bring the rich heritage of character-building books of past centuries to this generation of Christian families! And as you train your children, remember to nourish your own soul on the Word of God! For the great need of our children is godly parents whose own souls are well-fed and strong in the Lord.

Find it in your budget to shop and support companies like these! We need more of them!