Applications being accepted to the H0MEFree Fan Club

I have a little acceptance speech prepared around here somewhere... now where did I put that?
Oh it doesn't matter... I'll just shoot from the hip here. Can you hear me in the back?

I won the Random Blogger Award this week.
Thanks Tia of HSBCompanyBlog for the hat tipping! Much love to you!

It is probably the only time being random is a good thing!

As we speak, a special song is being written in my honor...

and a statue of my head has already been placed in front of The Old Schoolhouse company building. I preferred it to be made of marble, but I was told it was going to be alabaster instead. Oh well, what can you do?

I'll probably be the top story on the news tonight. Make sure you tape it!


Seriously though, thanks HSBCompanyBlog and Tia Linschied, Senior Editor!!



  1. thosecrazyandersonsAugust 9, 2007 at 10:31 PM


  2. It was good to see someone that I know win.

  3. JacqueDixonSoulRestESAugust 10, 2007 at 7:48 PM

    And, I'll bet you won a really cool prize, too.

    Yes, cookies at 3am are just more delicious!!! You are welcome to join me if you are ever this way or if we get moved out West anytime soon!!

    My grandmother lives in Oregon, and we just met a lovely blogger young lady with whose family we have a standing invitation if ever in Oregon...

    just tell me you will have cookies ready, even if it's 3am?




  4. I'm speechless with awe! And your speech was, shall I say, amazing?

    Congratulations--it couldn't have happened to a nicer mom....


  5. I think your post is so funny! And congrats on the Random Blogger Award! Is there a logo you can put on your sidebar to show everyone how "random" you are? :-)

  6. Congratulations! I'm feeling pretty blessed to leave a comment on such a highly exalted blog... I just did a bunch of catch up reading on your posts :) I had a cherry pie craving as well. Nothing else would do! I loved your posts about the scientists. That kind of stuff just makes me so happy, along with cherry pie. By the way, do you buy your curriculum in August since you school year round?


  7. Yes the randomness is what I like!!