Founding fathers in the bible?

Last Sunday on the way back from church, all five of us sort of drifted off into silence and inward thoughts. After a few minutes my son asked my husband, and I, a question...

7yro son:  "What's a Virginian?"
Me:    "A Virginian? Where from? From our history?"
7yro son:  "No, from the Bible."
Me:    "There are no Virginians in the Bible!"
(after a moment, light goes on in mama's head. Ohhhhh, virginian!)
Me:    "You mean virgin. That is someone who has not had lovin' like from their husband or wife, yet. A Virginian is someone from Virginia, like George Washington and I think Thomas Jefferson."

Husband:   "Or something from Virginia."
7yro son:   (unconvinced that there are no Virginians in scripture, he stares out van window)

 Too much rain makes you go gooney



  1. LOL! That is so funny. I'm going to link to this on my Friday Funnies post. :)

  2. Wonderful! I just love those kinds of conversations!

    Have a happy day!

  3. One day my son started asking me questions about Virginias. I had trouble figuring out what he was talking about. It took a few questions before I realized that he was talking about the female anatomy. We had recently talked about the correct name for male and female parts and he thought it was a Virginia.

  4. Thanks for Commenting on my blog! I've added you to my friends list too.

  5. My 7 yo is of superior intelligence as well. When I tell her something she has to see it with her own eyes to believe silly mom. I just love to answer a question and be told I'm wrong! I loved the chicken story - I still have memories of a similar experience and I am still mostly vegetarian :)

  6. That is quite funny! Thanks for visiting my blog awhile back. Sorry I didn't pop over sooner to say hi! So you had a good diversion tactic for not having to explain anymore about marital relations :)

    Did it work? I'm horrified about whenever those topics will come up with my children!