A good man is hard to find


I have been craving cherry pie lately. No, I am not pregnant. Just sometimes I want cookies or something. I know you can relate. I can't have chocolate like everyone else on the planet, so I look elsewhere.  
My amazing husband brought home a Marie Callender cherry pie for me the other day. He is so sweet. Then a couple days later, he brought me flowers and apologized that it had been so long since the last time he got them for me.
He is my dream come true. He makes me want to be a good wife to him. A helpmeet.


  1. My husband is a complete sweetie also,makes it easier.

    We are real opposites though,he is very laid back,sometimes I need more and more patience,but I think we are a good mix!!

    He is pretty wise though so my do it now philosophy often gets curbed which I know is a good thing,he's much better at waiting!

  2. Hey.....better be careful what you drop hints about! You're likely to actually receive it at your house!!! Cool!

    I love the pic of your daughter. It's so cool how they don't have to worry about being put down for not looking like everyone else! what freedom.....