17 Children and counting

I love big families. I think they are so wonderful!
I have never met a larger family that was not godly and loving. It is my opinion that members of larger families are better people and better Christians (in general). I believe it is because they have lived in the crucible of the Lord's continual refiner's fire. No one or family is flawless, but it seems they are closer to the mark!
They daily must decide to be a part of their family.
They have learned to honor each other in a thousand ways.
They love and serve on a whole different level.
What better training could you possibly have for life? Or to serve in the Kingdom?


A subject of distain, disgust and horror, it seems, is this fabulous family (pictured) that recently had their 17th child. I was so pleased to see articles on them! However, by writing about them reporters have often leaked their disapproval through their choice of words. How regrettable.

This blessed mama said, "We'd love to have more."

To say the least a lot of trash and judging has been thrown at them. Even by Christians who should know better. Here is one comment "In light of the ever depleting resources and crowding in this world, I find THAT many children HIGHLY irresponsible, and VERY egocentric." And another "It's a uterus, not a clown car." You can read more positives and negatives at TheNewsHole.

Children are our inheritance. Children are a blessing. Every time.

For an article on this great family:   17 children just aren't enough



  1. Thanks for sharing.... I am a mama to 10 and my husband would love more! I am holding back a bit right now. ;))

    I love stories like the Duggars.......

    I think it's unfair to judge people who live a life that perhaps we will not choose to live.... how sad that some choose to mud sling at the duggars....

    I am sure Mrs. Duggar would openly admit that they are not a perfect family ~ they have their ups and downs like we all do......

    I think so many judge others by their own limitations.... I bet that Mrs. Duggar gets more done in her day that most people do all month!

    I for one think it's awesome that she is open and willing to be the vessel to bear more of God's precious children!



  2. I love large families too! Other larger families have always inspired me. I hope to continue in that same standard of inspiring others while I continue to be inspired. I love children and my sweet husband and I feel strongly that the more the merrier works best in our home!

    Shiloah- mom of seven so far...