Boys. What they're REALLY thinking about...


Okay. He's a boy.

And boys will be boys- or so they say.

They are wired very different.

They do things in ways you never thought someone could.

Or would attempt!

Today: You've told him to brush his teeth 12 times and hurry up about it. He's still in there.

Later he appears to be lost- but you find him... in the garage. Apparently a trip to the laundry room was an adventure.

Now, he is staring out the window at nothing- instead of doing his school stuff.

Just WHAT is going on in that head of his?? 

Here's a clue...




  1. I have three boys the little loves, even my littlist is such a boy,leaping off high places and thinking later!

    I love how real you are in your blog,nice to see your photo too.xx

  2. I think young boy's (even grown men) are more adventuresome than the little ladies. Boy's have more on their minds, but they're not really thinking of anything *important.*

    Girl's think about: playing house, cooking, taking care of the sick, etc...

    Boy's think of: destroying things, trucks, monsters, etc... (for some reason they are fascinated with jumping from high places.)

    I've had the pleasure of raising two step sons, and now my two daughter's. It's been quite a learning experience!