Abundant personality? Or not enough socialization? You decide.

    Some might say she has been socialized a bit too much.

    Others may say the problem is not enough socialization.

    But I say, the blue flower in her teeth and obvious flamboyant personality only highlights the fact that she comes from an "interesting" family.



  1. I've enjoyed reading through your posts!! Very funny!!


  2. Is that my daughter?! Oh wait, wrong face.

    It sure is nice to know my family isn't the only "interesting" one out there! :-) Thanks for sharing the photo.

  3. I would say she just knows how to be herself!

    We spend all our time trying to get free of limitations as adults so God can heal us and heal through us.

    I don't think socialisation can be measured it just happens.It's life!

  4. thosecrazyandersonsJuly 30, 2007 at 2:38 PM

    Been neglecting my blog reads this week, and I see that you've been busy!

    I love the picture~ and rest assured you're not the only "interesting" family out there. I can't seem to find any recent pictures of my son without a cape on.

  5. Tag! You're it!

    If you'd like to play the game, come to my blog for the rules.

  6. I think maybe she just has a very creative imagination. I have a friend whose daughter does things like that and she is extremely creative.

    I don't know that is just what I get from the picture. :)