Sewing diapers and diaper wraps

I use diaper wraps and pocket diaper wraps. Diapers for these are called "inserts".

I went to a local fabric outlet type place and bought some unbleached hemp fleece. You need to wash it before you sew because it will shrink a great deal.

I simply used a diaper insert as a pattern. I made a cardboard pattern from that insert and I also made a pattern of the doubler that I use sometimes.

These cardboard patterns were traced around all over the fabric. I carefully cut them out and zigzagged the edges together (no turning of fabric) and I also put a stripe or two through the middle of the diaper to sort of "quilt" it and keep the layers in place. I believe I made them 3 and 4 layers thick.

The hemp fleece I bought was a huge tube (sort of two-ply if layed down) so I am not sure how you would compare costs. It also was bought at an outlet type store. Seems like I paid $6 a yard, but it was almost 3 years ago when I did that.  Also, it depends on how many layers of hemp you are using for the inserts to consider costs. I doubled mine so that would mean 4 layers.


They work great! They dry well and are really soft.

I also bought some polarfleece in beige and cut long rectangles to use as liners on the inserts occasionally. These liners were cut in such a way to fit nicely on my inserts. This cost me about $1.50 - $2. A great idea- wish I remember where I heard about it.

You just lay it over the diaper and it stays in place. The potty goes through and keeps baby dry. The "solids" stay on top and makes dumping in toilet very easy and now washing the diaper is easy too. VERY handy when you have blueberry season like right now and diapers are getting stained! LOL! Also really nice for rashes.



I have also made my own wraps using FOE, PUL and Aplix. They turned out real cute.


For wraps/covers--
 I have no real ideas on prices for overall on each wrap. I DO KNOW that I shopped around a lot for best buys and DiaperCuts seemed to be the best for PUL and FOE. Especially when considering shipping into it. Buy lots more extra than you think you'll need, especially of the FOE and Aplix. (FOE is fold-over-elastic and used folded over edges of fabric like bias tape. Aplix is akin to velcro but much softer and better to use and work with.)

If you were trying to figure overall costs to make a wrap, a realistic number would be $3-$5. PUL can get spendy if your heart is set on patterns or colors and that will affect the costs.

For making wraps/covers--
 I bought FOE, Aplix and PUL online from DiaperCuts.
FOE can be tricky to get right when working with it and getting good gathers on gussetts or around the tummy or behind. You need to not stretch when clearing the tab area and such. It does take practice. I recommend you practice with cheaper PUL (like white) when making your first couple wraps.



Another thing I did that I was really happy with- see if I can explain this... (photos above) I took the soft Aplix and ran about 4 inches across tummy area and zigzagged edges. I did a straight line through middle of it for security. Then for the tabs- I sewed a square of rough-side aplix on inside of tab, really well. This will end up meeting on the tummy. The cool trick is that I cut a soft-side Aplix square to match it and sewed it to the soft square but only on one side of the square. This way the rough part can be separated from the soft square to attach to the tummy during baby use and then re-attached to the soft square tab for washing purposes. Make sense?



Any all-in-one diaper pattern or fitted diaper pattern should work for making a diaper wrap. I like wraps as you can re-use the wrap several times without needing to wash it. Using this method I only use 2-3 wraps a day. You just remove the insert and put a fresh one in there at each change!

Diaper cover pattern (free): (I used this one) (like FuzziBuns)

Diaper making supplies: (FOE with print designs) (FOE colors)




  1. Cool! I didn't know you were so crafty! Thanks for sharing the links too.


  2. Those diapers are so cute!!!! I am going to look at some of the links you posted.