Ode to the Post-It



Where would I be without the glorious Post-It?
What words could adequately pay honor to such a humble, yet worthy hero?
A fresh pad represents an infinite stack of possibilties.
Clever scribbles, informative notations, don't-forgets, gee-there's-that-page and other endless multitasking.
Quick in a pinch.
My cup overfloweth.

Where would you, the SuperHomeschoolMom, be without the Post-It?
Just lost.


(Personally, I do use lots of post-it notes around the house, but not even like these gals do! LOL!) 

Photos courtesy of Google.





  1. This is such a cute blog and great post. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Not sure if I have met you before, but I recognize your blog name. Please feel free to come by and say hello.


  2. I hardly use post it notes, but I enjoyed your poem of appreciation. :) And where did you find those pictures? Wow! That's a lot of sticking.

    Peace to you,



  3. What I want to know is, where do all the post-it note pads go? Seriously, I'll come home with a brand new pack of them and they seem to just disappear into some black hole!

  4. that is a lot of post it notes! I don't use them at all, but have a whole notebook full of little notes I need to remember!

    Yeah... actually before we were even featured in TOS, we loved it! haha! :P

    thanks for coming by!

    Miss Amanda


  5. Just catching up again,hope to see you round at mine soon!