A different Gospel

If never before, NOW is the time to cry out for repentance to sweep this nation.



  1. Wow! All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't have TV so I am not an oprah follower....... but I know some who are and I am going to share this with them.

    As a Christian who was involved for years with a cult, I can tell you that Christians need to have their eyes open wide.... there are so many "false prophets" out there waiting to deceive.

    Thank you for soudning the warning.



  2. I posted this same thing on my blog this morning.

    www.kimber64.wordpress.com (littlesanctuary)

  3. Wow, scary! I guess this is what we get when the cult of personality perpetuated through the media meets the prosperity gospel. She's rich. She talks the Christian talk - most of the time, so whatever she says must be right. Right? Sadly, the one she's most deceived is herself because I think she's really starting to believe her own press. Perhaps she's gone just far enough this time to shoot herself in the foot. Here's hopin'! No, here's prayin'!