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With Lee In Virginia -- G A Henty

The famous story teller Jim Hodges is giving away his audio book by G A Henty "With Lee In Virginia". This is his all time best seller.

     With Lee In Virginia

     ...A Tale of the American Civil War

Setting:    AD 1860’s – American Civil War – Slavery and state’s rights.

Story:    Few wars have been fought by each side with greater intensity of conviction in the rightness of its cause or with more abundant personal heroism than the War Between the States. The story begins with a great responsibility falling on Vincent Wingfield, the teenage son of a widowed Virginia plantation owner. Vincent must decide what course of action he should take when a problem arises on the plantation. Unlike many stories of this American war, Mr. Henty brings to it a European viewpoint that differs drastically from the current views on the nature and reasons for this struggle. Henty’s "With Lee in Virginia" will introduce the reader to many of the famous battles of the 1860's along with learning much about the character of Robert E. Lee and his lieutenants.

GA HENTY - With Lee In Virginia


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  1. We have this book by Henty and it is great as are most books by Henty! My son loves Henty books! do you know you can get them in affordable paper back now thru Dover books?