Heart Of The Matter - free homeschool magazine



Recently, an online friend of mine announced that she would be writing for a brand new online Christian homeschooling women's magazine. How cool is that?

Heart Of The Matter is a great place of encouragement and lots of resources. The writers are a group of average moms with the same concerns and obstacles as you. They have come together to encourage you in your walk through your children’s educational experience. The purpose of The Heart of the Matter is to provide a place for homeschooling parents and teachers to find all of the resources they desire in one convenient location.
Stop by there and check it out!

Heart Of The Matter - free online homeschool Christian women's magazine


  1. That's so great about a fellow homeschooler writing for a mag. Say, your picture to the left of your post is a red X. Did you know that?

    And is it the state-wide homeschool conference you run half of? The thought of organizing that sets my stress-o-meter running off the charts! I couldn't hardly take being AWANA commander for 3 years. I'm not gifted with administration. I like to teach and my gift is giving. So....combine those, give me some kids (see, I had to find some on HSB), and I'm a happy camper. LOL

    When is your homeschool convention? Ours is the WHO (Wash. homeschool organization) the second week of June.

  2. That is neat! About the zoo guide, it certainly is an extra, not a necessary thing. I like having the info right there with me.