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Issue Description
Charter schools are a new phenomenon rapidly gaining popularity across the country. HSLDA views charter schools as another vehicle for government funded public education. Backing up HSLDA's view are many news articles, education reports, and both state and federal proposed legislation. It is HSLDA's view that the government's involvement in charter schools will eventually lead to restriction on parents who homeschool through a charter school.

Issue Background

Most charter schools are created or "chartered" by public school boards, which establish the mission, educational program, and methods of assessment. Most charter schools are classroom-based, some charter schools are home-based. When parents enroll their child in a full-time, classroom-based charter school, it is obvious that they are signing away much of their parental right to direct their child's education. Home-based charter schools gloss over this surrender by giving parents a wide variety of "free" benefits, all for use at home: computer and Internet access, books, school supplies, support from certified teachers, a diploma, etc. HSLDA does not represent students enrolled in charter schools.

The Problem with Home-based Charter Schools: HSLDA's Position in the Charter School Debate
  Information on why HSLDA opposes home-based charter schools.
Charter Schools: The Price is too High
  An in-depth analysis of home-based charter schools and their impact on the homeschooling community.

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  1. The charter school is a bit of a concern for homeschoolers, I admit. However, Bob and I see it as a "way out" for those families stuck in a bad inner city school district with no choices for their kids. In our area, most of the charter schools seem to be African American oriented, and are run by people who really care about their kids getting a good education. Also, when charter schools, and "schools of choice" (where you can sign up for attending a different district) were implemented, we couldn't believe how the public school started listening to parents and making really big changes in offering things to keep their student base. It worked well all the way around for those who for whatever reason cannot homeschool. But we have really good homeschooling laws here in our state right now. Just hope it continues.....