Five Things Never to do to a Llama


Five Things Never to do to a Llama

  1. Never discuss dental hygiene with a llama.

  2. Never verbally threaten a llama.

  3. Never ask a llama if he was trained by Al Qaeda

  4. Never call a llama “the illegal immigrant of the American barnyard.”

  5. Never, ever use the word: “llama-burger.”

And should you be fool enough to do any of the above, remember that God in his providence has equipped llamas with two qualities which, when matched with their violent tempers rightly qualifies them as predatory animals.

The first is the ability to precision spit with an accuracy that would make an Olympic sharpshooter blush. The second is the capacity of llamas to manufacture oceans of noxious bile within the depths of their stomachs — no doubt stored near their dark hearts.

But should you find that you have succumbed to temptation and disregarded my above warnings by engaging a llama in dialogue, and should you value the company of family and friends, then please listen carefully to my counsel: The moment that diabolical creature lowers his ears — run! Run for your life. Run for the sake of generations yet to be born. Run and don’t look back.


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  1. How funny!

    I live in sunny (translation: hot and humid 90% of the year) South Texas.

    I would love a little more rain, maybe an occasional snow.