Your husband is your gift



Your husband should be the coolest gift the Lord has or will ever give you.

We forget to show the Lord appreciation for our husband. Thanking God for him. Also, we begin to take our husband for granted in imperceptible ways. Hopefully we do not let it get too far. In our busyness we often do. We lose sight.

Okay, I know we "do" lots of little things all the time for our husbands.

I know we all tell them how much we appreciate them, how important they are to you & your children and that we tell him that we pray for him (and really do).

Can you think of something you can do just for him that is "different" today?

-- How about washing the inside windows of his vehicle?
-- Do you ever iron his shirts or pants (if he doesn't wear these kind of thing to work, how about for church?)
-- Write him a note and put it somewhere he will be surprised to find it.
-- Is there a movie or music CD you would NEVER watch or listen to, but he has been dying to?
-- Fix something to eat that you know he likes and you really don't. In my house that would be "bachelor food" like macaroni with chili. Or make "from scratch" something he liked a lot as a child but never gets now. In my house that would be Chex Party Mix or haystacks.
-- Get up early and make him a real breakfast!

When he notices this special treatment, tell him you wanted to show him that he is the coolest guy you ever met, irreplaceable, and you couldn't live without him! Telling him he is "hot" doesn't hurt either!



  1. I feel that if God provided me with a husband, that it would be an awesome gift.

  2. Oh I love this post. I am so crazy about my husband and I don't even know him... I can't wait to find him and shower him with my love. I hope this feeling of wanting him and loving him never goes away!!


    I am loving my new blog too. I am just wishing I could make it more customized...

    what do you mean about icons and scrolling??

    LOL!! Yeah we probably do need help with our addiction, but mine doesn't have any caffeine in it, so I am good. hahaha...

    I was just thinking today that it had been awhile since I heard from glad you stopped by!!

    Have a great day!!

    Love, Prayers and Blessings,