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       7 Random And/Or Weird Facts About Me:

  1. As a girl, I trained horses and competed. I got a lot of my self esteem and determination from that.

  2. I absolutely love to dance during worship at church.

  3. I met my husband while he was moving my neighbor's furniture out.

  4. I used to be agnostic. I did not get saved until I was 20. Had to hit rock bottom before I could see Jesus.

  5. I make my own kefir and also kombucha tea. Much to the delight of my family. I do not grind wheat or have a clean home, though! Betty Crocker does not live here.

  6. I dropped out of highschool (because I moved out at 17) and later got my diploma via a work at your own progress school in only a couple months. Against all odds!

  7. I used to be on an itinerant healing team. I saw the Lord do some incredible things I will never forget. He loves us so much.

I am not tagging anyone back. I feel guilty asking someone to do a tag.



  1. for visiting my blog. And we do appreciate your prayers. Everyone continues to mend. God is good. I will also be praying about your situation.


  2. My kids would absolutely love to grow up around horses and learn to ride. For now we live in town though we long for the country and animals galore!