Ode to the Post-It


Where would I be without the glorious Post-It?
What words could adequately pay honor to such a humble, yet worthy hero?
A fresh pad represents an infinite stack of possibilties.
Clever scribbles, informative notations, don't-forgets, gee-there's-that-page and other endless multitasking.
Quick in a pinch.
My cup overfloweth.

Where would you, the SuperHomeschoolMom, be without the Post-It?
Just lost.


Photos courtesy of Google.



  1. I love those pictures :)


  2. I love post-its!!

    Thank you so much for the award :)

    My son was also born in 1999, November actually.

    He does better when I sit with him, but I can't always do that with the younger ones needing attention also...someday I will figure it out but hopefully not after the fact ;)

    thanks again!

    Have a great day and stay cool.


  3. Okay, I was identifyin' with ya' until the last photo of yellow ones....


  4. Eeuuww, just saw your Mousetrap photo. Reminded me of a saying I heard: the only time Second Place is the winner is at the Mousetrap...

  5. thanks for the award, i will post about it soon, after i get those puppy pictures up!

    tomorrow, i'm going to bed now!


  6. So I was reading through your most recent entries and was really getting nostalgic regarding my "post-it" usage days. I was the post-it queen...until my children decided to remove ALL post-its from ALL places the post-its were stuck to. It was an organizational nightmare, I had to come up with another plan and fast...that was two years ago and I'm still trying to find something that works as well as post-its. I was just starting to get jealous of your ability to use post-its. Then I saw the last picture! I burst out laughing!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for a well needed giggle during a really rough month I'm having.

    By the way, I noticed on your interests that you have Above Rubies. I have had the privilege of being co-coordinator for an AR retreat for the past two years. I'm still praying about whether to help put on next year's.

    Many Blessings,


  7. That last picture actually scares me a little.