Words to homeschool by



"It is really just a mindset. It’s the idea that you are a family, not a school. You’re a mom, not a teacher. You don’t have a classroom. You have individual relationships with your children. Your husband isn’t a principal, because there isn’t really a school. He is the head of your household, a dad, and your number one supporter. God didn’t create schools. He created families, because that was his plan for the training and nurture of children."
    Dr. Mary Hood


"As I have come home--all the way home--to teach my children, I have found that God has riches in store for the family teaching their children as a lifestyle. Those riches can be missed if we do not take the time to be a family. Oh, there are the sweetest memories that directly result from learning together as a lifestyle. It is so much more than just the lessons."
   Cindy Rushton


"Each year as circumstances change, situations arise, and new opportunities present themselves, we need to reevaluate our goals and purpose for homeschooling. As we seek to implement and direct the studies for each of our children, we need to pray specifically for wisdom from The Lord for ourselves, to be able to guide each child into the path that the Lord has for him or her. As parents, charged by God, Himself, with the responsibility of “training our children in the way that they should go”, this is a monumental task that cannot be fully achieved without Godly wisdom."
   Maribeth Spangenbert




  1. How cute!! my little sisters started walking about six months ago... it doesn't seem that long ago! :-D

  2. Great quotes! I've printed these out. Thanks!!