My new outfit


I have a High Efficiency front loader for my laundry washer. It is sooooo wonderful- I love it! I feel quite spoiled to have such a fancy-schmancy washer after always having the most terrible awful washers that must have come from the Infamous Lemon Company or something. And of course, I had the bad dryers to match... not in color mind you, but in thorn-in-my-flesh-ness.

Because my washer spins out water at 75 miles an hour (no joke) and sounds like a jet taking off in my garage, the doors must electronically lock before it will operate. Safety safety.
My machine started having "issues" on Saturday, but when I cancelled and restarted everything resumed in good fashion. I thought it was a clog because an error code was flashing at me. In the past I had an error code an looked it up online to find I must have a sock stuck in the clog strainer thingy. My husband has pulled many a baby sock, or booby-pad, out of there since.
Back to the door again. My husband left the state on business Monday morning. Laundry machine decides now would be a good time to really get error-codey. Fine. I have seen my husband do this. I opened it up to pull out any offending item and all I found was water and a lot of it- everywhere. Great. Now what. I try starting up the cycle again. Nope. I decided that maybe the code was different than a clog. I went online and <great fanfare> thank you Google! Door locking problem.

Now, do I wait for husband to come home in three more days (and drown in dirty cloth diapers and nasty socks) or do I attempt this on my own? I say- attempt.
After saying a prayer, I find I must traverse 20 or so screws and several very soaked towels due to a plethora of water water everywhere. Ahha! Door lock entrails located! I pulled the electrical/computery plugs from out of the back of the lock and blew them out as I had seen my husband do to our computers in the past. Put it all back together... and it worked. I got a load going now! Thanks, Lord!


(of course, I did not buy that outfit)



  1. I am so proud of you. I got used to tackling things like this, as I didn't get married right away and my brothers made sure they were showing me "how" they were doing stuff for me. Gave me a lot of confidence. I didn't learn the blowing trick for the electric computer plugs, though. I'm impressed.


  2. First of all, let me say, I feel soo stupid. I've been visiting your blog for awhile now and never saw the messages. I thought, "Where did she go?" Then it hit me! I have to login to the site. DUH! Which I don't usually do since I'm on another blog now.

    Anyway, I can totally relate to your washing machine past. I currently own a couple of lemons, that happen to work at the moment. Although the washer sounds terrifying whenever I put in sheets or towels. Oh well. Thanks for the comment over at my "place" awhile back.


  3. I found your blog thru TC's blog and saw you were also from Oregon! Anyways I added you to my friends list I hope you don't mind. :)

    Have a really good day!


  4. that is awesome that you fixed it!


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