Fold up house



I love to camp and really want my children to have memories of camping. My goal is to go at least three times a year. However, the hassle of packing all the padding and sleeping bags to stay in a tent and all the other gear takes forever.
(Can you hear me whining?)
Last year we had an infant, but that would not deter me from camping, but all the gear-packing-time kept us from not camping at all. I hated that.

How fantastic it would be if all the pans, mosquito repellant (necessary in Oregon), tablecloths, batteries, salt and herbs, soap and such- was already packed?
What if all you needed was fresh clothes and some food?
Well, I would be able to camp on a whim! How cool would that be! Because of this dream, we have wanted to get a camper trailer, but knew we would have to buy or borrow a truck every time we wanted to go. A minivan just won't pull one. So, this is not a reality.

After some investigating, we have been on a quest for a popup camper trailer. Did you know that a decent sized popup camper weighs 2400 lbs? Our van can take that on! Easy!
We are borrowing a Fleetwood 1998 one that sleeps six for this next week. He offered to sell it to us for a fair price. A private sale means we gotta have the money up front. Hmmmm.
Well, here is what it looks like. Two king beds, one full, fridge, stove, sink, heater, lights, storage and more!


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  1. cool! we went camping last month. we are consdiering getting a pop up camper too! let us know if you get one and if you like it!