This morning was spent packing for a trip we are taking to a small family reunion for several days. This is the first time I have let my children pack their own clothing. I always try to make sure everything taken can be washed together if the need arises. I also take into consideration any surprises that may come up like dinner out. There is always an outfit in there that can "pass" for nicer.
So, after they had done their packing, I looked over what they had come up with. I was greatly impressed. I had to switch out two pairs of jeans for two pairs of shorts for my son- and that was it. Even toys, books, toothbrushes and such. They had it down! I suppose they have been listening all those times I helped them pack before. Yay!
What a relief. I just need to finish up the baby's and my own things and load the van. The plan is to have it raring to go when we wake up at some horrific hour tomorrow.


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  1. That's awesome! I hope you are having fun! Tell us about when you come back